How to jump-start a dead battery

Jump-start a dead battery

It is 7 am and you are about to go to work… you go to start your car and suddenly you realize it’s dead. I have had this happen in -40 and it was 20 years ago before rechargeable battery packs were a thing. I had to call and ask a friend to see if […]

First Signs of Defective Brakes

Meter to check car brake fluid

The brake system is the most important safety feature on any vehicle. Over time, wear and tear on your brake pads, rotors, and other components happen that warrant attention and maintenance. The first step in ensuring that your brakes are working at an optimal level is to recognize the warning signs before the issue becomes […]

6 Vehicle Warning Signs You shouldn’t Ignore

Vehicle Warning Sign

Modern cars have advanced diagnostic features that alert you when something is wrong. Most drivers tend to ignore these messages if they don’t feel urgent. While not all alerts warrant a trip to a car service shop, some should never be overlooked. If you want your vehicle to run at an optimal level and to […]

How changing engine oil can improve your car’s mileage

Motor Oil Change

Most car owners know how important oil is for a vehicle to lubricate the engine and keep it from overheating. However, many drivers are unaware that maintaining regular oil changes in Calgary can improve your car’s gas mileage. While your gas mileage won’t magically increase from a full tank range of 500km to 700km with […]

10 Essential car maintenance checklist for every car owner?

Essential car maintenance checklist

When you are on the road, part of a good drive is the security that your vehicle is working well and is in good condition. Whether you are a DIY kind of person or you would rather have professionals take care of your car maintenance needs, you will want to ensure that you inspect and […]

Various kinds of car noise explained with solutions

Women hearing car noise

As long-time drivers, we have all been to a mechanic and tried to explain all the noises we hear. Car inspection guides do not always tell us what to look for in our vehicles when these random noises start to occur. When we try to explain these noises, mechanics often look at us funny as […]

3 reasons why routine auto maintenance is important

Importance of regular auto maintenance

Purchasing a vehicle is a considerable expense and an investment that can last years to come- if it’s taken care of properly. Preventive care includes replacing fluids and maintaining fluid levels, two components that are crucial to keeping your car running at peak performance.  In SE Calgary, mechanic shops help you keep up with a […]

Should I get my car serviced before a road trip?

Car servicing essentials before road trip

It’s become a horror movie cliche… breaking down on the road in unknown territory without any help nearby. In real life, caution on the road is required all year round, especially before a road trip. Today, we talk about the most important maintenance you need to do before your car is ready for a long […]

Why is a vehicle suspension repair so important?

Car suspension repair in Calgary

Your car’s suspension system is a vital component that keeps the vehicle in control. It provides friction between the tires and the road for optimal steering stability. The suspension system is also responsible for a comfortable ride by limiting the impact of bumpy road conditions. When suspension components become worn, the stability of the vehicle […]

10 facts you may not know about servicing your vehicle

Vehicle servicing

When you purchase a car, there’s a big emphasis on keeping it maintained and sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. The big myth here is that it’s a money grab for car service companies, but that’s simply not the case. While you can certainly drive with dirty oil or misaligned wheels, the vehicle’s performance […]