10 Essential car maintenance checklist for every car owner?

Essential car maintenance checklist

When you are on the road, part of a good drive is the security that your vehicle is working well and is in good condition. Whether you are a DIY kind of person or you would rather have professionals take care of your car maintenance needs, you will want to ensure that you inspect and maintain everything on this list.

Make sure that topping up the windshield wiper fluid is on your car maintenance checklist. Have you been on the road and run out of wiper fluid? I have and the roads were dirty and slushy. I couldn’t see out my windshield and somehow found a gas bar nearby where I could buy some. Checking these fluid levels along with all the other fluids mentioned below is all-important to your safety on the road.

Important car maintenance checklist
Important car maintenance checklist

Keeping a car servicing checklist will tell you how often your car needs to be serviced and what work needs to be done.

Bad-quality air when driving is not good for you or your vehicle.

The vehicle and you have lungs and both work more efficiently when there are no restricted airways. When your filters get dirty you will start to breathe in the dirty cabin air which can negatively affect your respiratory health by breathing in dust and bad air quality from the road.

Don’t get stranded.

The last thing you want is a flat tire and to be stuck somewhere. Making sure your tires are serviced will greatly lessen the chance of this happening. It is reported by roadside services that most cars that do not start are because of dead batteries.

Be sure to have your battery checked to ensure you don’t get stranded if your vehicle not starting. And the last thing you want is a flat tire and to be stuck somewhere. Making sure your tires are serviced will greatly lessen the chance of this happening.

Here is a good list below to help you ensure safety, comfort, and ease of mind next time you are travelling or even just driving locally.

  1. Check and maintain your oil within the recommended time.
  2. Check your tire pressure, and tread level, and have your tires rotated every so often.
  3. Check your coolant, transmission fluid, steering fluid, and brake fluids.
  4. Check the cabin and air filters and have them changed if dirty.
  5. Check your vehicle’s battery strength.
  6. Be sure all your engine belts do not have any cracks and are aligned properly.
  7. Check that your windshield wipers are working properly.
  8. Check for any lights on the dash to ensure no indicators or warnings.
  9. Be sure your spark plugs are not carotid and ensure they are at full power.
  10. Be sure to check your brakes, rotors, and parts.

You can look at your car’s manual to see the recommended maintenance plan and use the maintenance plan outlined here as a starting point. You should consult a service bay for more detailed maintenance plans. Try to follow the manufacturer’s recommended roster as best you can, but check it and check it again.

If you stick to your maintenance plan and keep a good record of what you have done, you can help extend the life of your vehicle and protect it. You will be able to keep your cars in top shape for years to come. Keeping up with car maintenance reduces the likelihood of issues and makes it easier to spot problems before they become bigger, more expensive issues.

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