Why is a vehicle suspension repair so important?

Car suspension repair in Calgary

Your car’s suspension system is a vital component that keeps the vehicle in control. It provides friction between the tires and the road for optimal steering stability. The suspension system is also responsible for a comfortable ride by limiting the impact of bumpy road conditions.

When suspension components become worn, the stability of the vehicle and driver control is compromised. For your safety on the road, your car’s suspension system must be kept in good condition and maintained regularly. Signs of damage to suspension components warrant an appointment for car suspension repair in Calgary as soon as possible.

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Car service in Calgary

What is the suspension system made of?

A vehicle’s suspension system is made up of many components, including:

  • The chassis, which holds the cab of the car
  • The springs that support the vehicle’s weight and absorb excess energy
  • The shock absorbers and struts reduce road shock
  • The anti-sway bar that transfers the movement of the wheels and stabilizes the vehicle

What is the role of a vehicle’s suspension system?

The suspension system does much more than absorb shock and provide a comfortable ride. It is responsible for:

  • Maintaining proper wheel alignment.
  • Reducing wear on other systems and components.
  • Ensuring tire and brake wear is balanced on all sides.
  • Providing adequate handling and braking.
  • Preventing premature tire wear.
  • Controlling acceleration squat, sway, and bounce.
  • Keeping consistent contact with tires on the road.

What are the signs of an ineffective suspension system?

An ineffective suspension system accelerates wear and damage on other vehicle components and increases the risk of an accident. To identify whether you need a car suspension service, watch for the following signs of a compromised system:

  • One corner of the car is lower – First, check your tires to eliminate a flat tire issue. If all of the tires appear inflated, you may have a suspension problem. A lowered corner indicates that the suspension components have failed and will lead to increased tire wear on that side.
  • Inadequate bounce test – To perform a bounce test, push up and down on the truck or hood of your vehicle several times. When you stop pushing, your car should return to normal height within four bounces. If not, a failed suspension may be the culprit.
  • Rollover sensations – The suspension system’s anti-sway bar exists to shift the vehicle’s centre of gravity to prevent rollovers. If you experience a rollover sensation when steering around a corner, it’s an indication of a malfunctioning anti-sway bar.
  • For your safety, it’s important to take your vehicle to a car service shop in Calgary right away before it leads to a complete loss of control and a dangerous accident.

The bottom line

The suspension system is a significant safety feature of your vehicle. Proactive care and regular car service in Calgary keep your vehicle in top shape and reduce your risk of accidents or car failure on the road.

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