10 facts you may not know about servicing your vehicle

Vehicle servicing

When you purchase a car, there’s a big emphasis on keeping it maintained and sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. The big myth here is that it’s a money grab for car service companies, but that’s simply not the case. While you can certainly drive with dirty oil or misaligned wheels, the vehicle’s performance will be reduced until it can no longer be drivable. Yikes! Let’s take a look at some vehicle servicing facts that can impact the lifespan, efficiency, and performance of your car.

1. Tire pressure

You know that it’s important to check your tire pressure so that you don’t have a blowout on the road, but did you know tire pressure affects your vehicle’s fuel efficiency? An incorrect pressure in your tires can negatively affect your fuel efficiency, causing your vehicle to work harder to achieve certain speeds.

2. Power-steering fluid

Having the proper level of power steering fluid in your vehicle is important for vehicle control. When your power steering fails, you could lose control of your car. Check that you have the correct amount of power steering fluid to keep your vehicle handling properly and safely.

3. Coolant

Adding coolant helps protect your engine from overheating. It even lubricates the parts it touches so your vehicle can run smoothly. Be aware that coolant should never be added to your car when the engine is hot. You could get burned and cracks could appear on your engine block if you disregard this information.

4. Air filter

Next time you are at your SE Calgary mechanic shop, get your air filters checked. This is usually a complimentary service when you are in for an oil change. A dirty air filter can create a bumpy ride and might even cause your vehicle to lose power. Your engine light may come on as a warning for this situation, but it is best to regularly get your air filters changed out before it gets to this point.

5. Vehicle belt

Are you hearing strange sounds from your vehicle? You should head to your SE Calgary mechanic shop to get your car checked out. Weird noises coming from your engine could be a sign that your vehicle’s belt is worn out or cracked. Replacing your vehicle’s belt keeps the engine running smoothly and the fan cooling system operating correctly.

6. Brakes

Squealing noises, clicking, or a vibrating brake pedal are all signs you need new brakes. Brakes are a crucial part of your vehicle, allowing you to stop when you need to avoid an accident. You don’t want to be on the road and have your brakes fail on a steep hill. Slow response time is a major negative outcome when your brake pads are worn out. Avoid damage to your vehicle’s rotors by getting the brake pads changed out before you hear these odd noises.

7. Battery

Have you woken up to find your car won’t start? This could be an indication of battery corrosion. The good news is, it can be quite an easy thing to fix. Disconnect your battery cables and try using a brush with baking soda and water to remove the built-up corrosion. If this doesn’t work, check with your SE Calgary mechanic shop for a solution.

8. Wipers

The wiper blades in your car are important, especially during inclement weather when there is a lot of water or slush on the roads. Properly working wiper blades allow you clear vision and can help avoid accidents. New wiper blades should be replaced annually so they touch all the spots on your windshield to give you an unobstructed view. Your SE Calgary car servicing shop will have some on hand to install for you.

9. Dirty oil

Have you pulled your oil dipstick out and noticed it is extremely black? Your car needs clean oil to lubricate all the engine parts, preventing them from wearing down quickly. Getting regular oil changes as per the recommendation of your mechanic or vehicle manufacturer keeps your car running smoothly.

10. Tire tread

One of the most important aspects of your vehicle is its tires. Your tires keep your car moving safely in all types of weather. You don’t want to have a tire blowout on the highway, possibly injuring yourself or someone else in the process. Make sure your tyres are not too worn out and watch for bumps in the rubber as these are signs of a low tread. Consider changing out your tires at a SE Calgary car servicing shop when they get to this point.

Keeping your vehicle maintained is crucial whether you are going on a long trip or a short drive.

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