Should I get my car serviced before a road trip?

Car servicing essentials before road trip

It’s become a horror movie cliche… breaking down on the road in unknown territory without any help nearby. In real life, caution on the road is required all year round, especially before a road trip.

Today, we talk about the most important maintenance you need to do before your car is ready for a long journey. I have compiled a list of important car maintenance checks you need to do for your next trip, as well as some tips for car owners.

Car servicing before road trip
Car servicing before the road trip

Before embarking on an exciting journey, how do I know if my car is ready for a road trip?

  • Car service before a trip ensures a smooth trip and a safe ride to your destination. Following these pre-trip and maintenance tips will ensure that your car is ready for a long road trip ahead:
  • If you think you are going on a road trip soon, your vehicle might need oil changes or other maintenance. Schedule routine maintenance before a long journey ensures that the mechanic notices any issues and makes sure your vehicle is ready for the journey.
  • If the mechanic finds a big problem, you have time to fix it before travelling so that you can sit comfortably in your car for the many hours you will be on the road. Have your mechanic fix the problem now. The best time to bring the car to the mechanic is at least 3 days before you depart to leave time for any necessary repairs.
  • Take a few minutes to clean the vehicle and make a list of everything you need for the journey such as food, a first aid kit, blankets and pillows, candles, road map. For added safety, even a road flare and warning cones could be useful.
  • Your mechanic will check all the fluids in your car so it can drive smoothly and not collapse on the road. He or she will also check the air conditioning, brakes, and other important parts to make sure the car is road-ready.
  • Having a safe car for a trip may require changing the brake pads, changing the brake fluid, or even replacing a rotor but it may also be necessary to change the engine oil, check the coolant levels, and replace the brake fluid.

When you schedule vehicle maintenance, have your mechanic perform a tuning – as a safety check

  • If your vehicle is shaking when you drive, you may want to visit a mechanic to have the tires rotated and balanced before you hit the road.
  • If you are going on a long journey, you should change your tires if they are looking worn.
  • If you have not looked into it lately, check your regular maintenance schedule to see if anything needs to be done. Before you embark on your next expedition, it is important to check if your vehicle’s regular maintenance checks are updated before leaving.

The easiest way to protect yourself against any potential road trip issues is to have a mechanic perform a full safety check on the car at least a week before the trip. Don’t forget to make a pre-trip checklist of your road trip supplies… and of course, some good road trip jams to bop your head too!

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