6 Vehicle Warning Signs You shouldn’t Ignore

Vehicle Warning Sign

Modern cars have advanced diagnostic features that alert you when something is wrong. Most drivers tend to ignore these messages if they don’t feel urgent. While not all alerts warrant a trip to a car service shop, some should never be overlooked.

If you want your vehicle to run at an optimal level and to prevent extensive damage, pay attention to these six warning signs that will help you avoid costly repairs.

Vehicle Warning Signs
Vehicle Warning Signs

Sign #1: Warning Lights Appear

The sophisticated computer inside your car can recognize when there is a problem. In Calgary, most car services will want to assess your vehicle if the following warning lights appear:

• Check Engine Light Flashing
• Low Engine Oil Pressure
• Engine Coolant Temperature Warning
• Tire Pressure Warning
• Charging System Warning

Sign #2: Smells

Several distinct vehicle smells should not be ignored. If you notice any of the following, we recommend scheduling a car service with your local SE Calgary auto shop.

• Burnt rubber indicates slipping drive belts or loose hoses.
• Gasoline is a sign of a gas leak in some area of the vehicle that could result in a fire hazard.
• Sweet smell indicates a leaking engine coolant, which can lead to your engine overheating.
• Rotten eggs is a serious symptom that could mean a problem with your catalytic converter. See a professional right away to prevent further damage.

Sign #3: Smoke

Any smoke coming from your vehicle is cause for concern. If your exhaust is releasing excessive smoke, you might have an oil leak. If smoke is coming from under the hood, pull over and turn off the ignition right away. This is a clear indication that your engine is overheating and needs to be looked at.

Sign #4: Noises

You know the hum of your car better than anyone, but if the regular sounds of your vehicle are accompanied by the following, it may be time to schedule a car service:

• Squeaking while braking. This is the first warning sign that your brakes need to be replaced.
• Grinding while braking. If the first warning sign of squeaking is ignored, the noise can become grinding. This indicates the material has completely worn out and is rubbing against the rotors.
• Knocking of the engine. Any tapping or clicking noises coming from your engine should be checked out by a professional automotive technician immediately.

Sign #5: Changes In Operations

Any performance issues or changes in how your vehicle operates is an important sign to be wary of. These changes can include:

• Difficulty steering or steering pulls to one side
• Car jerking or pulling
• Difficulty getting up to speed
• Shaking or chugging while accelerating

Sign #6: Uneven Tire Wear

While it’s normal for your tires to wear over time, pay attention to excessive tire wear or look for these warning signs:

• Rapid wear on the outer edges
• Rapid wear on the front tires
• Rapid wear on the rear tires
• Excessive wear on one side
• Dips in the tread
• Sawtooth wear on the edges

The Bottom Line

Getting your car serviced is the best way to lengthen the life of your vehicle. Keeping your car well-maintained with regular car services will help identify potential problems and keep your vehicle running at an optimal level.

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