Why maintaining fleet vehicles is important for your business


Whether you are a trucking company, taxi service, or rental car company, car servicing shops in South East Calgary know how important it is to maintain your fleet of vehicles to avoid vehicular breakdowns. Calgary fleet vehicle maintenance can be systematic and rigorous, including planning preventive measures by looking at reviews on the cars as […]

Tips for creating a solid Fleet Safety Culture


What does it take to be a workplace hero? It takes someone willing and able to put their life on the line for theirs, of course. No one ever said being a hero would always come easy or without risk. But with an average annual accident rate at 20 percent (a whopping number), accidents are […]

10 facts you may not know about servicing your vehicle

Vehicle servicing

When you purchase a car, there’s a big emphasis on keeping it maintained and sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. The big myth here is that it’s a money grab for car service companies, but that’s simply not the case. While you can certainly drive with dirty oil or misaligned wheels, the vehicle’s performance […]

Why it is beneficial to have a vehicle emergency kit?

Vehicle emergency kit

With a growing population, there are more people on the roads than ever before. It is essential to stay alert while driving and have a vehicle emergency kit in your car or truck in case of an incident. Accidents happen when you least expect them, so it is important to carry the following items to […]

How changing engine oil can improve your car’s mileage

Motor Oil Change

Most car owners know how important oil is for a vehicle for lubricating the engine and keeping it from overheating. However, many drivers are unaware that maintaining regular oil changes in Calgary can actually improve your car’s gas mileage. While your gas mileage won’t magically increase from a full tank range of 500km to 700km […]

Warning signs your car’s transmission and suspension is failing

Car Transmission

Recognizing early warning signs of a failing transmission and suspension can help you prevent serious damage and costly repairs. If you notice any of the following signs, visit your auto repair shop as soon as possible for car transmission and suspension repair in Calgary. Warning signs of transmission failure Simply put, the transmission is the […]

Various kinds of car noise explained with solutions

Women hearing car noise

As long-time drivers, we have all been to a mechanic and tried to explain all the noises we hear. Car inspection guides do not always tell us what to look for on our vehicles when these random noises start to occur. When we try to explain these noises, mechanics often look at us funny as […]

How to jump-start a dead battery

Jump-start a dead battery

It is 7 am and you are about to go to work… you go to start your car and suddenly you realize it’s dead. I have had this happen in -40 and it was 20 years ago before rechargeable battery packs were a thing. I had to call and ask a friend to see if […]

10 Essential car maintenance checklist for every car owner?

Essential car maintenance checklist

When you are on the road, part of a good drive is the security that your vehicle is working well and is in good condition. Whether you are a DIY kind of person or you would rather have professionals take care of your car maintenance needs, you will want to ensure that you inspect and […]

5 safety tips when driving on slippery surfaces

Driving on slippery surfaces

In a city like Calgary, where the weather fluctuates greatly, slippery road conditions are a challenge. Ice, rain, snow, and wet leaves create a barrier between the road and your tires, more than doubling your stopping distance and increasing your risk of an accident. To keep you and your passengers safe on the road, here […]


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