Is it safe to drive a vehicle without power steering fluid?

Importance of Power Steering fluid explained

Power steering fluid allows you to turn the steering wheel with ease, providing hydraulic assistance for the steering system. When there is no power steering fluid in your vehicle, it will become very difficult to turn your car’s steering wheel.  The question is – can you drive a vehicle without power steering fluid? The simple […]

10 simple fuel-saving tips

Simple fuel-saving tips

Did you know that fuel-efficient driving not only helps you save hundreds of dollars each year but also prevents wear on your vehicle? Additionally, lower fuel consumption contributes to less carbon dioxide emissions and positively impacts the environment. There are many benefits of adopting fuel-saving techniques on the road. Here are ten simple things you […]

5 safety tips when driving on slippery surfaces

Driving on slippery surfaces

In a city like Calgary, where the weather fluctuates greatly, slippery road conditions are a challenge. Ice, rain, snow, and wet leaves create a barrier between the road and your tires, more than doubling your stopping distance and increasing your risk of an accident. To keep you and your passengers safe on the road, here […]

Professional brake repair services: is it worth the cost?

Professional repairing Brakes

The sound of squealing brakes can make any car owner cringe. It’s a telltale sign that your car needs brake service. However, many drivers want to know – is a professional brake repair worth the cost? Our answer to this question is always a resounding YES. Professional brake repair is an invaluable service that is […]

Why maintaining fleet vehicles is important for your business


Whether you are a trucking company, taxi service, or rental car company, car servicing shops in South East Calgary know how important it is to maintain your fleet of vehicles to avoid vehicular breakdowns. Calgary fleet vehicle maintenance can be systematic and rigorous, including planning preventive measures by looking at reviews on the cars as […]

Tips for creating a solid Fleet Safety Culture


What does it take to be a workplace hero? It takes someone willing and able to put their life on the line for theirs, of course. No one ever said being a hero would always come easy or without risk. But with an average annual accident rate at 20 percent (a whopping number), accidents are […]

Can a bad suspension damage a car engine?

Calgary engine repair shop

A car’s suspension system is one of the most important components that allow you to maintain control of the vehicle. While the suspension helps with a smooth ride, it’s not all that it does. Keep reading to learn more about how a bad suspension can impact your car’s engine and when to schedule a car […]

What causes an engine block to crack? Know the signs and prevention

Engine Block

A vehicle’s engine block contains the combustion chambers and other interior parts of the engine. It’s made of durable metal that is built to withstand heavy use. For this reason, a crack in your engine block is rare. If it does happen, it is a serious concern that warrants a call to your local SE […]

The Impacts of Seasonal Fluids Change on Vehicle Life

Seasonal Fluids Change

Alberta residents are no stranger to changing weather and the tough conditions that each season brings. From hot summer days to the freezing temperatures of winter nights, fluctuating temperatures affect everyone. The question is – what does this mean for your vehicle? These subtle changes have the potential to impact your vehicle’s lifetime sustainability, and […]