How changing engine oil can improve your car’s mileage

Motor Oil Change

Most car owners know how important oil is for a vehicle to lubricate the engine and keep it from overheating. However, many drivers are unaware that maintaining regular oil changes in Calgary can improve your car’s gas mileage.

While your gas mileage won’t magically increase from a full tank range of 500km to 700km with an oil change, it will help prevent a premature breakdown of important components and can maximize your car’s overall functions. To understand how engine oil can improve your car’s mileage, here’s what happens when oil is not changed regularly.

Oil Change

Old oil causes your engine to work harder

The oil picks up dirt and water as it moves through the engine, which can cause gunk buildup and lead to expensive engine damage. With regular oil changes, the fresh, clean oil flows through the engine and lubricates the metal parts. This naturally optimizes the engine’s performance. When an engine runs more efficiently, it doesn’t eat up as much gas because it doesn’t need to work harder.

The oil breaks down

When heat damages the molecules in the oil, the viscosity (thickness) and lubricating ability are affected and it becomes harder for the oil to get to where it needs to go. Over time, as the viscosity and lubrication properties are lost, the engine runs hotter and less efficiently. As we detailed above, an inefficient engine negatively impacts gas mileage.

Builds up sludge

As oil breaks down, it leaves deposits referred to as ‘sludge’ or ‘scaling’ on the engine’s interior surfaces. Over time, engine sludge blocks the passageways and limits the flow of oil through the engine. The life of your car’s motor is reduced when it does not get the correct amount of oil and causes your engine to work harder.

Final thoughts

The best way to maintain the life of your vehicle and keep your engine running efficiently is to keep up with regular car servicing at your SE Calgary auto shop. If you’ve skipped maintenance in the past, there are ways to reverse some of the negative effects on your car. Speak with your auto mechanic about the service options available to you that will improve your car’s efficiency and engine performance. Last but certainly not least, stick to your maintenance schedule to make sure your car is running as well as it should.

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