Whether You're Looking for a Conventional Oil Change or Require Premium Oil, My Calgary Mechanic Is Here To Help!

Getting an oil change is part of regular car maintenance. It is as important as keeping your tires in top shape. Oil changes allow you to keep your car on the road longer. Not everyone knows how to change their oil themselves, which is why professional services are available. If you do not get your oil changed, you can have trouble with your vehicle’s engine and controls. Things might not run as smoothly as usual, which can cause issues and an expensive replacement down the road.
Here are three benefits of My Calgary Mechanic’s oil change services:

Family safety due to brakes

What Is an Oil Change?

An oil change is removing the old engine oil from your vehicle and replacing it with clean, new oil. It helps your engine perform better, extends its lifespan and allows you to get the most mileage out of your vehicle.

Are you looking for an oil change in Calgary? Look no further than oil change services from My Calgary Mechanic. Our team of expert oil technicians is committed to the details. Not changing your oil comes with a high price tag. An oil change helps maintain your engine’s lubrication, cools its parts, and eliminates the buildup of particles and sludge.

Additionally, it gets you more mileage and lets your vehicle last longer. What are you waiting for? Call My Calgary Mechanic to learn more about the benefits of an efficient oil change.

Why Change Oil at My Calgary Mechanic?

My Calgary Mechanic offers several automotive services, and people choose us when they need an oil change. We provide top-quality auto services and know vehicles inside and out. Here are some of the reasons to get an oil change with us.

Keeps Your Engine Clean

When you start your car’s engine, oil begins flowing, which allows dirt, microscopic wear, and other particles to calculate. Not seeking out service lets sludge build up in the engine. Changing engine oil and replacing filters regularly prevents damage to your engine and vehicle.

Prevents Engine Wear and Tear

Getting the proper services can stop excess dirt and sludge from forming on your vehicle’s engine. My Calgary Mechanic is at your service when it comes to oil changes. Clean engines are more efficient than those coated in debris.

Increases Gas Mileage

The quality of your oil can increase your gas mileage. That is because lubricating the engine’s metal parts improves its efficiency. Avoiding oil changes can cause you to fill your tank more often, which costs you more money over time.

Regular Service Reduces Future Repair Costs

Oil change prices may vary, but repair costs add up. Avoiding regular oil change service can cause damage to your engine over time. Replacing an engine is much more expensive than an oil change that takes about 15 minutes.

Services Increase a Car's Value

Taking care of your vehicle can pay off in the long run. Regular oil changes keep your engine safe from the risks of corrosion and basic wear and tear. Keeping all parts in working condition is essential when selling a vehicle.

Motor Oil Change

My Calgary Mechanic for your oil change needs

My Calgary Mechanic is here for all your oil change needs. Our technicians will help you regulate your engine and keep it free of debris with efficient and helpful oil changes. When you use our services, you will receive expert advice and help your vehicle to last longer. Are you ready to continue driving across Calgary and beyond?

Oil Change Services FAQs

An oil change is an important service for any vehicle. The frequency may vary depending on your vehicle’s make, model, and type of oil. For example, conventional oil should be changed every 7,500 kilometers. In contrast, vehicles using synthetic oil can be changed every 10,000-15,000 kilometers.

The team at My Calgary Mechanic prides itself on helpful and efficient service. On average, an oil change takes 15-45 minutes.

At My Calgary Mechanic, we offer conventional oil, premium oil, synthetic oil, and other blended options. Please consult with one of our technicians to determine what oil is most suitable for your vehicle.

Yes! Our services are available for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. The technicians at My Calgary Mechanic are experienced with different types of vehicles. Call to book your appointment today.

Use your vehicle’s oil dipstick to check oil levels in between appointments. If you are unsure of how to do this, ask one of our friendly and helpful technicians during your next service appointment. We are at your service.