The Importance of Wheel Alignment for Your Vehicle’s Efficiency

Wheel's Alignment

Your vehicle’s wheels can become misaligned for several reasons – potholes, curbs, uneven surfaces, driving habits, and general wear and tear can have an impact on your vehicle’s suspension system and steering components.

Once your wheels are out of alignment, it can cause premature wear on your tires and an unpleasant driving experience, among other factors. Keep reading to learn more about the critical role that wheel alignment plays in the performance of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment refers to adjusting the angles of wheels by altering the vehicle’s suspension and assuring that your tires are centred in the wheel wells, pointing straight, and meeting the road at the proper angle.

Professional technicians have the proper equipment and tools to determine exactly how much adjusting is required. Since vehicles rely on precision to operate at an optimal level, having the right technology and professional vehicle service is important for this process.

What are the Signs of Misaligned Wheels?

When the angle of your wheels becomes skewed, your driving experience variably changes depending on the degree of misalignment. These warning signs include:

• A steering wheel that fails to line up straight
• Vehicle pulling to one side
• Uneven wear on front tires
• The front end of your vehicle shaking after hitting a bump
• Noisy steering
• Squealing tires

Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

When your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, it can affect other components and systems of your car including premature wear on your tires, steering, suspension, and brake systems. Misaligned wheels are one of the most common causes of uneven tire wear.

Accurate wheel alignment allows for safer driving as it impacts a vehicle’s steering response. Maintaining proper wheel alignments ensures that your vehicle’s handling and maneuverability are optimized, improves fuel efficiency, and prolongs the life of your tires.

Key Takeaways

If you’re experiencing any of the signs that indicate your wheels are knocked out of alignment, you’ll need to schedule a vehicle service for wheel alignment performed by certified technicians. Proper alignments require expert and sophisticated equipment to ensure that the exact wheel alignment meets the manufacturers’ specifications.

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