The Impacts of Seasonal Fluids Change on Vehicle Life

Seasonal Fluids Change

Alberta residents are no stranger to changing weather and the tough conditions that each season brings. From hot summer days to the freezing temperatures of winter nights, fluctuating temperatures affect everyone. The question is – what does this mean for your vehicle? These subtle changes have the potential to impact your vehicle’s lifetime sustainability, and for more than the reasons commonly known.

At CFM NAPA Autopro, our clients book their vehicles in for routine maintenance with the changing seasons. Here are a few reasons why getting seasonal fluid changes and getting your car serviced is necessary.

Increases the longevity of your vehicle

Seasonal fluid changes along with preventative maintenance ensure that your vehicle is running at an optimal level for the coming temperature changes. Cooling system fluids keep your engine running within the correct temperature range.

One reason to book a seasonal fluid change service is that coolant can deteriorate over time. Even if the coolant level and appearance look good, a drain and flush may be needed.

Prevents extensive damage

The brake system on your vehicle is one of the hardest working components. Over time, due to pressure, heat, and exposure to moisture, brake fluid becomes contaminated. If left untreated, dirty brake fluid can damage the hydraulics of your vehicle, leading to damages that are more costly to fix.

Maintains proper levels

Even if your fluid levels are fine, rust and sludge can decrease the effectiveness of some fluids. This can cause premature failure of your vehicle’s components. At CFM NAPA Autopro, our experienced technicians have the tools to test your fluids and may recommend a flush and fill to maintain proper pH levels.

Helps with a smoother drive

If you’re finding that your vehicle’s steering becomes increasingly resistant, it may be time for a seasonal fluid change. Power steering fluid lubricates the steering system and transfers the pressure from the steering wheel to the tires. CFM NAPA Autopro recommends having this inspected with every oil change.

Increases vehicle performance

With regular seasonal fluid changes, particles that can block the passageways and valves in your transmission are effectively cleaned. Changing your vehicle’s transmission fluid and filters enhance your car’s performance and prevents irreversible damage.

Extends the life of your engine

Sludge deposits that are found in your vehicle’s engine oil decrease the performance of the engine. An engine flush maintains and extends the life of your engine and ultimately, your vehicle.

How We Can Help

At CFM NAPA Autopro, our expert technicians help keep your car performing at its best for longer. Our family-run business is known for exceptional customer service and a priority to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Get in touch with us today to book your seasonal fluid change and maintenance service.

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