Why maintaining fleet vehicles is important for your business


Whether you are a trucking company, taxi service, or rental car company, car servicing shops in South East Calgary know how important it is to maintain your fleet of vehicles to avoid vehicular breakdowns. Calgary fleet vehicle maintenance can be systematic and rigorous, including planning preventive measures by looking at reviews on the cars as well as scheduling routine inspections. There are 4 big reasons why fleet maintenance is important.

1. Preventive maintenance helps keep drivers safe on the road

One of the leading causes of car crashes include worn tires or blowouts, which are avoidable with a proper vehicle inspection. These inspections may take place once per year if needed, but will sometimes require more frequent checks depending on need (such as after reaching set mileage).

2. The preventive maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to reactive repairs.

Paying for the repercussions of poor fleet maintenance can be more expensive than paying a few small fixes upfront before they become costly and time-consuming problems. A quote by OSHA, “motor vehicle crashes cost employers $60 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, and lost productivity.” Performing preventative inspections now will help you identify any needs to address so that your vehicles operate at their highest level with no interruptions or complications down the line.

3. It is important to keep your fleet in good working condition all year round

This helps you avoid operational delays and maximize productivity, which saves money by not having to miss deadlines or spend time fixing a broken truck that could have been prevented with routine maintenance on the vehicle. Proper vehicle maintenance can help you reduce the likelihood of accidents while driving and keep your drivers safe. It also saves money by preventing small problems from turning into big ones, which in turn is more efficient for the business overall with proper fleet management.

A log is a great way to record what has been done on an individual car so that preventive schedules are easier to manage, as well as preventative work before it becomes too costly or dangerous–especially if there’s something wrong like improper tire inflation levels!

4. Vehicle maintenance has a significant impact on the services industry

In addition to keeping your drivers happy, good vehicle maintenance can help keep customers satisfied and loyal to you as their service provider. If your fleet of vehicles routinely has mechanical issues due to inadequate maintenance practices by either yourself or another company’s employees, then this will result in missed appointments. Consistently not meeting customer expectations can lead to missed opportunities and impact your business reputation.


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