Can a bad suspension damage a car engine?

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A car’s suspension system is one of the most important components that allow you to maintain control of the vehicle. While the suspension helps with a smooth ride, it’s not all that it does.

Keep reading to learn more about how a bad suspension can impact your car’s engine and when to schedule a car suspension repair in Calgary.

What is the role of a car’s suspension system?

The suspension system includes the shock absorber, drive axle, drum, control arm, strut rod, coil spring, transverse rod, and steering system. Simply put, this collection of parts holds the car off the ground, allows the vehicle to turn smoothly, and cushions the ride against bumps.

Like all components of a vehicle, the suspension does begin to wear out over time. When this happens, how can you tell if your suspension system needs repair?

Car suspension repair Calgary
Car suspension repair in Calgary

The signs of a damaged suspension

Here are some things to watch for that are a telltale sign of a bad suspension:

  • Uneven tire treads – If the tread of your tires is wearing down unevenly, it’s an indication that the suspension isn’t holding the car properly. This results in an unbalanced pressure on the tires.
  • Bumpy car rides – A rough car ride is the most common sign that your vehicle’s shocks or struts are wearing out. If every bump causes the vehicle to “bounce”, it’s time to take it to your local Calgary auto shop for a car suspension repair.
  • Pulling during turns – When the shocks fail to keep the vehicle stable during the force of a turn, you’ll feel the car drift or pull. This increases your risk of a rollover and compromises the safety of you and your passengers.
  • The car lurches forward when stopping – If you’re finding that your vehicle dips forward and downward when stopping, it’s an indicator that the shocks are worn out. A bad suspension affects your ability to stop the car quickly and increases your risk of a collision.
  • Failed “bounce test” – The bounce test is a simple test that can signal a worn suspension. To do this test, put your vehicle in park, press down on the front of your car with all of your weight, and bounce a few times. If the car continues to bounce 2-3 times or more after you release it, it’s a sign that your suspension needs repair.

Can the suspension impact the car’s engine?

Your vehicle’s parts are an ecosystem, working together to operate at peak efficiency. When a bad suspension affects your ability to control the vehicle, causes uneven tire wear, and puts a strain on your vehicle’s drive, it will inevitably lead to premature wear on other components.

However, unlike other routine maintenance like an oil change or topping up fluid, many car owners make the mistake of thinking that the car’s suspension won’t impact their engine. While a worn suspension system doesn’t directly break the engine down, issues that interfere with the vehicle as a whole cause your engine to work harder.

You want to do everything you can to avoid a visit to our Calgary auto shop for an engine issue. Repairing or replacing your engine is much more costly than a suspension repair. It’s always in your best interest not to ignore your vehicle’s suspension as part of your car’s maintenance.

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